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Alaska ATV NOTES FOR VISITORS: Welcome to the Alaska Outdoors Supersite forums! The contents of our forums are viewable by anyone, and may be read by clicking the forum headings below. In the market for a 4 person UTV (side by side) What are your guys thoughts? Have a sportsmen 850 and have drove a RZR and RANGER and Im not a fan of Polaris UTVs…and have ruled them out of the running. Had my ATV stolen last spring and haven't replaced it. I also have other hunters that go hunting with me too so an extra might come in handy. If my UTV is backed into brush where I can glass a field scouting, some camo on the front lets it blend in better than solid red would. General UTV/SXS Discussion - Nothing Honda Specific, just good ol' UTV/SXS talk. Did u have a back window? I know if you have a full front and back window it makes for some bad dust. I have been totally satisfied with my electric. Wondering if anybody out there has experience with these. ATVs and UTVs are versatile vehicles. Watched a guy take his 6 seater dune buggy thing of road and on to a hunting trail in front of a US Forestry Service officer. Great condition starts and runs perfect. This would make someone a great hunting wagon for a great price. The accessories for your ATV or UTV will be great for any hunter or outdoorsman looking to get more out of their transportation. Consider upgrading your membership for less than a box of bullets! Become a Supporter Now! Welcome to Our Campfire! Welcome to the GON Forum, a place where old friends and new friends alike can gather ‘round and swap stories and info about hunting, fishing, everything outdoors and just about any other topic folks love to discuss. They are great people movers and are extremely quiet but dont have the torque to do much else. Might use it for ice fishing once in a while too but not very often anymore. I have been looking to buy an ATV for many years and now I finally have a good reason to do so, hunting. We carry everything from handle bar mitts, gun boots, gun racks, rear seat bags, and anything else you can think of for your ATV or UTV. UTV's set up for hunting. I have never used a utv for hunting but if you are going to carry expensive LR rigs on it, I would get some pelican cases for your rifles and strap then down really good somehow. Three years ago an invitation to visit the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries camp in southwest Texas resulted in my first ever bow hunting experience and a freezer full of organic goodness. Was thinking of putting a boss or snowex v plow on it, any Wanting to join the rest of our members? Login or sign up today! Login / Join . Hard working and smooth riding, it’s perfect for farming, ranching, hunting and recreational riding. Most of the houses listed have an average width between the wheel wells of 64". Well, Can-Am has a hunter app for that in the new Outlander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition 1000R. But, good luck with sales. and a friend of mine bought some 150 cc go cart type thing and he has a plate on it and drives it around town . Also his property is fairly flat which is good because with four people in a cart, they dont take hills very well. i belive the small plate is a restricted plate keeping you off high speed roads ie freeway and highway . I like the space for hauling gear and critters offered by a side by side, but worry it may not be agile enough in the woods. With hunting season in full swing right now, give us a call for any of your hunting needs. net forums, you Introducing the all-new, pure-utility 2019 Textron Off Road Prowler Pro and Prowler Pro XT. Forums > Outdoors & More > Hunting, Fishing & Camping. GOYABEAN, Jun 4, 2019. California Becomes the First State to Enact Total Lead Bullet Hunting Ban. The ATV while nimble cannot carry as much and riding with passengers is not recommended unless it is a two up version. The thing is a tank and my kids have thrown everything plus the kitchen sink at it and it's still going strong. by the company known for precision engineering that fuels adventurers and hard workers all over the world, both models deliver quiet gas power and unmatched reliability for tackling the toughest jobs and handling the most-extreme hunts. the main question left is what cartridge to chamber the gun in. This, too, we tested while in Texas. I rode in a buddies Ranger a few weeks ago and it was really comfy. You never really stated what kind of riding or what you are wanting to do with your quad or bike? If you did and I missed it I am sorry. Supporting Vendors - These guys make the site possible, please support them. com readers, as well as MSRP Utility UTV Prices, and category specifications. I would just switch to a polaris ranger it will last a lot longer I think the electric buggies are way over priced. Any pics would be great. 8' with a 7:1 ratio so a 200 pound deer takes 28 pounds of pull to raise it Let's get an official thread going for our off road toys (ATV, UTV, SxS) Whether you use them for work, hunting, play, whatever it may be. Dove, squirrel, ground hog. See more ideas about Cargo rack, Duck hunting and Off road. I have had excellent experience and service from my 2 year old model. Someone asked me to help them locate a UTV that they could fit into. Home Forums > Classified Ads > Fishing Classifieds > Vehicles Classified Ads > Rules for Avatars, Signatures and Posting for companies and services that do not advertise with BDOutdoors. net forums, you must first register. honda has a new 500cc utv for about the same price and it'll last 5 times as long as that china clone. It's the E-Z Go Beast. Of course, I have electricity at my " cabin " and we charge it whenever it needs it. I would consider a Kubota, but the 25mph makes that not an option for me. I did a good bit of research before I bought it and there are a number of forums that pretty much say the Kawasaki is built like a tank. UTVforums Network. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. It cranks easily and is very durable. > Whitetails General > Atv/Utv Food Plots Discussion in ' Whitetails General ' started by justindh1 , Jan 11, 2019 . COM. So far, zero complaints. Home Forums > Whitetail Hunting. Michigan Sportsman - Online Michigan Hunting and Fishing Resource Forums > Trading Post > Sell - Buy - Trade Hunting and Fishing Goods > ATVs, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, UTV's My buddy manages a hunting ranch they have bad boy buggies and stuff and its just a pain in the A. Would be to pull portable around and maybe a 2015 Chinese made LinHai Taurus 400, Trail Master 4x4. Hunting rigs, accessories, and what gets you to the trailhead Ok, so it started with the Bad Boy Buggy, I think they are based on a EZ GO frame. Welcome to Arkansas Hunting! Join our free community to discuss hunting, bowhunting, waterfowl, and general discussion from all corners of our great state. Pioneer & Big Red Classifieds - Looking for a unit or parts? Check in our classifieds area. I want heavy-duty and my old golf cart is too light duty. towing and 1,000 lb. I have had zero issue using 4 wheelers to retrieve deer,I have personally seen deer standing an feeding buy a 4 wheeler a few times and my uncle this past year seen a huge buck Ultimately decided on UTV for passenger availability and comfort, versatility, and ability to do what I needed which was be a good hunting vehicle to transport gear and at least 4 passengers to duck blind (2-3 in cab and 2 sitting on 'tailgate') adaquatelybut also needed the UTV to work/playbut mostly work like hauling wood, tools, etc Polaris Ranger - HD. this is based on how each performed in the mud and crud and getting to duck blinds. Ex. we have serious mud and duck lakes are about 2-3' deep on avg during duck season. I hunt places that are hilly but not rugged, can be muddy but not swampy, usually a mile or less from the truck but may want to scout all day and I'm trying to decide between a traditional gas fed 4X4 UTV or a modified golf cart style electric. I also have a diesel Gator BUT I just won't use it during hunting. A forum for discussing small game hunting and trapping. Forums, Articles, Photos, Tips, Information. I am looking at the custom build. Minnesota Hunting If You want access to member only forums on Looking to pick up an ATV or UTV for ice fishing. Pro's, it's a diesel, it's built like a tank and it's easy to work on. The reason is simply because the utv weighs more. Re: ATV / UTV for hunting Having owned numerous ATVs and one UTV would highly recommend UTV for your intended purpose or usage. Hey Isaacorps, if you havnt sold your summit by next weekend ill definatly buy it from u. If you are going to be using it for hunting or ranch work the bike loses every time. I visited the Whitetail Diaries Ranch in southwest Texas for a bow hunting and off-roading adventure as we chased for big bucks and drove Yamaha UTVs. in order of driveability, can am defender (now have 2. I'm getting old and I am starting to think about a "4-wheeler" for hunting. Post em up with some pics and details! I've owned many ATVs in the past but my current one is a 2009 Kawi Brute Force 650 V-twin, currently with only 935 original miles and 107 hours. So I will be getting a new UTV this year and and cannot make up my mind. Guides, Outfitters, Hunts, Tags. total payload making hauling hunting gear or game a breeze; and the model’s exclusive This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Can some of you help me get headed in the right direction. ive pretty much got my mind set on a Thompson Encore with a 20" barrel and a folding stock as this would fit perfectly against my door frame. and I am able to drive all over it without charging. Why pay 15000. Forums dedicated to the Polaris Ranger UTV family of Side by Side Utility Vehicles. Regional Forums - Find other owners in your area. I would also be using it for hunting and running my trap line in the winter. Thats a long time to be buddies. Will be used mainly for deer hunting transportation and running around the farm. UTV pictures, discussions, technical help with your side by side, and more. 00 for a hunting UTV when you can have one for $3650. 1K. But this Textron UTV seems to be seriously quiet. Has seat rack above back tire for extra room. This won't work if you are not near timber but I bought a 4 pulley block & tackle for $25 that comes with 65' of rope which means it will lift approx. Scholarships. ATV, UTV, Argo or something else??? I have some buddies that love their 550 Grizzlies and have also heard great things about Ranger 4x4 & 6x6 and I have driven an Argo and was impressed. . I'm thinking of making some rails in the bed or attaching something to where I can tie them in without worrying they are gonna bail out. Only has 67 hours Location: UTV Forum, Side by Side Forum, and off road community of UTV riders. It is a golf cart type but was factory built for hunting, not just an upgraded golf cart. A Rhino is a bit lighter if you re: what atv/utv do you have by mike243 » Mon Mar 05, 2018 1:51 am 2004 Honda RancherAT ,been great bought new in 03 ,2 batterys and a fan motor ,1 battery due to not starting or running it for a long time Posted by drewsky14 on 05-16-2014 11:02 PM: hunting out of utv's. Top. Apparently Bobcat’s joined the ATV/UTV market with their own 4×4 covered UTV like the John Deere Gator or the Kawi Teryx. Only bad thing about that is that you would then have to hide your utv really well so that no one would happen upon it and steal the cases. Explore Will Butler's board "Ranger hunting rack" on Pinterest. I am looking to get a UTV 4x4 that's electric and have been doing some research on the company's sites that you'll see below. Threads 1K Messages 11. 2019 UTV Reviews, Prices and Specs. I have seen the full windows that tilt out about midway, which may keep dust down but rain and cold out when closed completely. Looking at buying either an ATV or Utv in the coming months. Some hunters prefer something they can stow in their pickup bed, or they simply don’t need the hauling capacity of a side-by-side. My UTV is 63" wide and 76" tall. FOR SALE - Brownsville, TX - In very good condition. QUADCRAZY ATV Community ATV forum and discussion board is the top forum for ATV reviews, ATV news, ATV help, all-terrain vehicle forums, ATV tech tips, ATV performance, where to ride, classifieds, UTV and Off-road forums. These gun racks mount to either the front or rear ATV rail using U-bolts and are height adjustable. Register Log In Aldeer. I am looking at a tandem axle toy hauler fish house. Home Forums > Chatting and General Stuff > General Discussion > Side x Side UTV what do you guys have? going 70MPH is very slim, especially if you use it for hunting. anybody hunt out of a utv? if so did you find a dog box to fit the bed or use something else like a pet carrier? Polaris Ranger EV (2011) UTV Forums. Welcome to the Predator Masters Forums It sounds like tt35 needs a tracked UTV hunting big open country. Polaris Ranger 400 2012 Mid-size Deluxe UTV Rumble Seat -- Awesome products selected by Anna Churchill Bad Dawg Deluxe Rumble Seat, Black - Universal And Hunting Accessories Deluxe Polaris Ranger Rumble Seat (Rear Bed Seat for passangers) by Great Day was designed for your Polaris Ranger (all models). I have the 2017 Kawasaki FXT Pro with 2 bench seats and couldn’t be more pleased. Drove up Friday morning after work, and was able to hit Two Island Lake for a few hours in the evening. _____ NITECH CH Kinsleys So. I don't have a side x side, but I use ITP Mud Lite XTR's, on my Polaris Sportsman. Ive test drove those brands and so far I'm favoring the Polaris Ranger 500 due to the smoother ride, storage, and dump bed. Downside, it's sloooooooowwwwww, loud and rides like a tank. Opinions on which one you would go with. Florida Outdoors Hunting & Fishing Forums - FOHAF. You are not logged in. I do not raw-hide it or do "off road" as such, but it gets a ton of use in rough stuff, up and down hills, through heavy deep clay muck bottoms hauling 500# of people most of the time and being used to do all sorts of off season work. Threads Tagged with hunting Google search Its great to have life long friends!!! My parents were friends with his parent before we were even born. Built in Thief River Falls, Minn. Wife and 2 and 4 yo daughters love riding so just good family rides with good scenery. Hello all I have a 07 grizzly 700 with stalling issues it has been back to the dealer 14 times they have replaced everything except the whole 4 wheeler and it still stalls they have been working on this thing for 2 years had the regional service rep work on it and still stalls only thing that has helped is they replaced the ECU and it doesn't stall that bad now one thing I can say is I will UTV upgrades for duck hunting I will be hunting a pit in north Louisiana and the roads get in very bad shape getting to and from pit to the point going through the flooded rice field is the best way to go some years. 2 » Sat Jun 22, 2019 11:20 pm . I used the landowners ATV or checked traps from the truck last season, but have bigger plans this season. Seems like you'd always be running the risk of blowing any animal out of whatever area you took the things into. Tires are in great shape, has electronic four wheel drive engagement, low speed and high speed CVCC transmission. But I did check in to these a few months back and decided against them for the reasons everyone is stating. I hate to spend $14000 on a UTV just to drive the hell out of it to and from the camp to the blind plus beat around on our trails we ride. North Carolina Hunting and Fishing Forums. PRF Tech Forums Trail Riding and Hunting Section Ranger Photo & Video A utv will out perform an atv in towing and pulling implements around a food plot. Welcome to the Aldeer message board -- Here you can talk Deer Hunting, Turkey Hunting, Fishing, find a place to do all three, sell some of your old stuff, or just hang out around the camp. I'm looking to build a little carbine rifle to bring along when I'm out cruising on in my UTV. If you are buying for speed, then look elsewhere, but it will get up to 50 mph which is plenty for me. I have a 2008 Kubota 900 UTV diesel. net is the largest UTV Network on the web with over 25,000 members, 500,000 messages, and 6 dedicated forums. This will be used to roading/training dogs/ hunting birds/ big game and haul some hay and do a few chores around the house. Any recommendations on brands and size? Any advice? My budget is in the $5k area. I remember the time we even went to hunter safety course together as kids, along with many hunting and fishing trips with our families. (Be on the lookout for the UTV options soon!) That said, the question then becomes what makes an ATV a good hunting companion in the first place? Hunting ATVs should provide easy access to locations that are hard to get to by foot and impassable for a truck. Predator Masters Home » Forums » Hunting » Other Calling Equipment and Critter Getting Techniques » UTV's for Hunting Register User Forum List Calendar Active Topics FAQ Who's Online Understandably, a UTV such as the Defender HD10 isn’t for everyone. Mainly for deer hunting stuff and keeping up the place and what not. I use it primarily at my hunting property and we use it for all kinds of farm chores and during hunting season. Ive been looking at and "think" I want one of the mid size 500 cc class utv side by side machines. Blue Cowboy II HTX I am in the market for a gently used or maybe new ATV/UTV. I have a friend that has two electric golf carts they use for getting around his hunting property. My place is 217 ac. Yea I ride a lot of trails and speed ain't my thing. This is a completely different story. I want a 5-6 seater and a full sized bed. ATV, UTV and Off-Road forum - The place to discuss ATV's, UTV's, Off Roading, and Related Gear. Nothing too crazy. PRF Tech Forums Trail Riding and Hunting Section Ranger Photo & Video Forums dedicated to the Polaris Ranger UTV family of Side by Side Utility Vehicles. Most dont have adjustable seats, tilt steering, etc and very little leg room. Looking for a hunting gun boot solution from Kolpin that can be used with a rzr s? Any suggestions? UTV, and Watersports Discussion RZR Forums. have had polaris, kawasaki, yamaha, can am and honda here. This is NOT a debate forum, threads that become Re: Anybody like Bad Boy Buggies??? I realize the apeal is the silence of them, due to the use of batteries instead of gas. com For Sale Utv truck rack like toyup This topic may need to got to the gear and gadget section so if you need to move it Brad please do. Heard too many negatives about the battery life, and the affect of the cold weather on the batteries. one 4 seat max and one 2 seat max mr), polaris, yamaha, honda, kawasaki. Mule Deer Hunting, Elk Hunting and Western Big Game Hunting. These community’s are composed of enthusiasts who love the sport. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other In order to be able to post messages on the Yamaha Rhino Forum - Rhino Forums. It would be nice if it was also good for trail riding in the summer (though I have a few quads) and also doing some work around the place. with 1,250 lb. For an all around work horse, the utv wins every time. Anyone use one for Trapping and Hunting ? With the Arthritis kicking in , need something to make getting through the woods easier! Keep in mind, current legislation states that any ATV/UTV being operated offroad/on trail on certain federal lands be no more than 50" wide. I see post on here where people are mentioning a utility or hunting quad. I clicked a link in the Google ads here on IDO this morning because I was intrigued by the label… and I wasn’t disappointed. I am 34 years old with no physical limitations and I still would trap from a UTV vs without a UTV, mainly because I believe speed kills, and using a UTV has made me so much faster and efficient. My wife's family has a UTV they use on there farm and it blew my mind when I found out what they cost. UTVForums. The main thing thoughwhen the time comes, resale is lot easier for a camo UTV than another color and you can get more $ selling a used The Forums. As the weather is going to start warming up soon, I'm wanting to use my Ranger more for hunting. The opposite would be true if we were talking just about the fun factor or trail riding. I got an older summit but its an open front, no bar to sit and pull yourself up with, use your forearms. My main uses will be for moose hunting but I also have a growing family (5 yrs & 3 yrs) and I would like to start getting them out on more remote camping That's a tough one. Get the latest category reviews from atv. Hey guys, I am thinking of adding a UTV for hunting at my cabin this fall. A main hesitation I've had in picking up a UTV / SxS is how loud they are. com Forums Aldeer General Forum Any Linhai UTV owners here? Forums Calendar Active Threads all I'll use it for is hunting and showing Bought a Kawasaki Mule FTS Pro a year ago for hunting and farmwork. Plus on a year like we had this past season (50 inches of rain) it was the only way I could get aroun effciently without destroying property. you might have to do some looking into regs That applies to all the 4 seater utv's on the market, they are priced outside 90% of potential buyers budgets for an offroad toy. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. I used to use it to plow snow also but my plow broke and I haven't replaced it. Many outdoor enthusiasts use them for little more than exploration and high-speed escapism, but for hunters, these all-terrain Well, my annual trip was only an extended weekend this year, as I had to use my actual vacation to go to Florida for a wedding. I want to buy a used ATV that will take me where I want to go and haul out a deer, while being able to handle tough terrain. 00. Whats the best UTV for doing this? Im looking at either a Honda Pioneer 1000, Polaris Ranger 900 or 1000, or a John Deere Gator 825i. Same goes for your camo clothing when you're hunting in a treestand. Probably not the best,all around tire but they have a very agressive tread pattern for sand, mud, rocky terrain. I have a teryx and i really like it, it is sporty and providing it will fit will go anywhere but is also very capable of doing work. Michigan Sportsman - Online Michigan Hunting and Fishing Resource Forums > Trading Post > Sell - Buy - Trade Hunting and Fishing Goods > ATVs, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, UTV's Just got a new sxs (well almost, picking it up wednesday) and looking for places to take the family for saturday rides. In order to be able to post messages on the Deer Hunting Forums forums, you must first register. The a good buddy of mine has a tyrex with a cali small plate on it and he hasnt been harassed by rangers on street legal roads with it yet . Anyone here switch from an ATV to a UTV? I have a Kodiak 400 that I have had since about 2002 and usually only use it on trails a few times a year at most. I am looking at Firebrand, Yetti, Big Bite and Ice Castle. I must warn ya though while it carries it's own weight just fine i burned the belt out of mine after pulling a buddies teryx out of a creek, I would definately recommend getting a winch if u purchase any UTV, man these things are heavy, also at high speeds the We work hard to bring the best hunting forums Arizona has to offer! Unlock additional features, and fewer ads while browsing. The 2011 Polaris RANGER® 400 is an incredible mid-size value. Has front and back seats. Hunting Duck is a new adventure for me, but the experience of Walker Noel, Luke Simmons and the crew at Delta Southern Outfitters was evident from the start and they made me feel right at home. So far the Bombardier Commander Can Cam 1000s seem to offer the best possibilty with size, an adjustable seat, and tilt steering. so this leaves me about a 1/2" clearance on each side of the UTV. Money is a big difference in a four wheeler compared to a UTV. Board index ‹ General Forums Honda pioneer or Polaris ranger UTV? by Simpleman. hunting utv forums

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